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Scalable & Extendable IT Software Solution for Manufacturing

We are an IT Company with eminent subject matter experts developing proprietary software products with the vision of creating paperless manufacturing for manufacturing plants. We help manufacturing plants throughout the world to realize their full potential with the principle of Measure – Act – Control, delivering a world class software for Manufacturing Plant operations.

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B2 Manufacturing Execution System

A next gen on-premises IT system enables the smart manufacturing through digital transformation to digitize, standardize, optimize, and govern your operational processes and work activities across industrial manufacturing plants.

Streamline production order flow and production execution, track products from raw materials to finished goods, and evaluate and analyze yield, quality, and asset utilization with the manual & automatic data acquisition from the shop floor.

B2 Manufacturing Data Lake

A next gen cloud-based IT platform to improve excellence by having the complete visibility of the information right from New Product Development idea to Consumer’s Feedback or Complaint closure for optimizing your manufacturing value chain for throughput and on time delivery - without compromising product quality and operational efficiency.

Shorten time to value and reduce ownership costs for your smart manufacturing initiatives & standardize your lean and continuous improvement best practices, operational processes, KPIs, compliance reporting and supply chain integration across multisite operations.

We help you through all the lifecycle stages of your problem in Manufacturing.

An extensive collection of targeted, pre-packaged services designed to deliver specific and tangible outcomes. We provide access to our software expertise to ensure you realize the maximum benefit from our software.

  • Expertise on-demand.
  • Easy to purchase, rapid results.
  • Budget-friendly and time-sensitive.
  • Plan, design, and go live with confidence.
  • Operate and maintain effectively.
  • Optimize and evolve your business.


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